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Rich and Johnny's Inzane Michigan

MICHIGAN RECORD A DAY : "Because He Lives" Bob & Rita Caughel ????

Mar 1, 2020

  Thickest of homemade action here: Seems to be SOME kind of info on that something existed bearing the name of this duo around the Lapeer Michigan area, where this stark und cold cassette was found in the shadowy outskirts of Flint, and that's it folks. Save the digital presence in a soul-swap exchange for this ruff home walk -man recording of piano & voice in a style so pure and ernest you'd *swear* you were alone with the team in a grey empty living room in the middle of winter. Complete with "song is over stop the tape" gruff click to end each track really finalizes each tunes uber experience. I would reckon that when the QCA and Archer pressing plants quieted down in the late seventies / early eighties and this then - new tape joints tried to replace the wax that the local "set" would be flooded with these grim plastic boxes of joy, but they really ain't all. Still timeless, but even further down the homemade dungeon experience with the xeroxed plain stock J card devoid of any personal outpourings, thus taking the Michigan experience to even deeper cryptic extremes. The piano is boxed inn, and the voice could be "harmelodic / Flint Style." Any tape plants exist in Mich? This appears to be utterly dubbed and copied with zero commerce in mind, not even a local church address. In times of viruses dipped in chaos, this kind of local anesthetic is the kick you need to keep from diving into the cold February moon in a desperate plea of marginalized hope. Amazing all around, though everything inside, cynicism and all, comes to a DEAD END.