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Rich and Johnny's Inzane Michigan

MICHIGAN RECORD A DAY : Becky Koch "Becky Koch Sings Take Me Away" Tattoo Records 19???

Feb 11, 2020

    And take me away she does. Beautiful Uncle Dirty's Sound Machine Kzoo special here. Four amazing originals, other covers done in such a fine laid back soft rock style you won't notice. Amazing vibe all around, tons of wave samples work right into the breeze-core / must've been a windy day at some lonely hidden Benton Harbor cozy cove when the fingers hit the strings that late afternoon, apparently. Becky and her Tattoo records only did this Lp, can't imagine the classically cantankerous Bryce Robinson throwing shade on the results in any form whatsoever as the record plays thru as smooth as penguins ice skating downhill. Her originals really shine, too bad there isn't more to seek out. Has similar low tech / low fi vibe as Pittsburgh's phenom low key duo The Same People, but also true to the Kalamazoo soft rock ethos of the mysterious "Comp", the dusty and catchy Van Havel & Vaughan, Greg Framer, Jeffery Liberman's more oversexed breezy tracks, Jana Roberson, and Martin & Lamn's amazing "Bittersweet" lp which shares not only Becky's drummer  Nancy Rogers, but also the same NR on the killer and local Abyss "Dare To Dream" lp, and a GIA tape which is really a strange connection. ???. Whoa now every single thing mentioned was a Dirty Bryce production, and well, how about Poor Richard's piano player Glenn Lewis in the Koch mix too? Look down 94, all superstar underground legends. Stack it up anyway you want it , this Becky affair has one foot in the weirdo underground of the Zoo while the other lays on the pedal to cruise- drive over to a purple Lake Michigan sunset in the late warm summer. Every copy appears to be autographed, lucky for us. Fireworks & golden dynomite.