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Rich and Johnny's Inzane Michigan

MICHIGAN RECORD A DAY : Dr. Jack Van Impe "The Greatest Love Story" Diadem 1978 Lp

Apr 11, 2020

 Well since its less than 24 hours away from Easter and the previous John Outlaw post got some cats feeling like poseurs, here is well...the opposite. Gotta love the "turn this off right now" category at the Olzone crib, rare demand natch but usually victim to Italian hardcore or super rough Michigan bluegrass but sermons in general are for solo ears only at the hut post 11pm in low volume and this is one, phew, super gnarly. Big money Diadem job that's pretty common in the bins, cause A: bring up Dr. Jack's name to anyone esp in his home state and find yourself ALONE real quick and B: ish is a grim as it gets. Has the same paranoid dispensationalist zeal as fellow TV minster boi Hal Lindsey but with an utterly grim fidelity that, minus the content, hits RAW when Van Impe thumps his crude aged wooden pulpit with his worn out & memorized bible. Makes your neck hair revolt, fast. This is titled "The Greatest Love Story" but in actuality a full account of the last days of a "formless from every bone broken" Jesus in all its gory detail from violence and being spit upon in conjunction with the Van Impe speed - hammering out verses to seal the experience. Utterly not chill, utterly not supposed to be. The pastor has a gaggle of stark records to help you form your personality : classics like  "Nightclubs to Christ", "Hell Without Hell", "Demons and Exorcism!" and more via heavyweight local labels like Singcord and Victory. Would love to hang as a trio with Jack and "Tremendous" Jones and fully dive into this "New LSD" they were yammering on about in the mid seventies. Maybe out of some kind of personal self torture these "no hope" paranoid Sermon records keep calling out to be digested in the Olson household but what is really fascinating is the Michigan chasm that houses both C.L Franklin's powerhouse Chess Series Lps in nearly the same era as Dr, Jack's "Coming War with Russia", only miles apart. Unbelievable really, grab your Accorgan and sing your own song. Have to clean out the cabbage with some pulp Sci Fi after diving into these icy lake waters.