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Rich and Johnny's Inzane Michigan

MICHIGAN RECORD A DAY : The Imaginary Cassette Company Series #1 / The Lowly Cows "Cow Scratch Free Bird" 15i

Mar 12, 2020

About the only time you can use samples of thunder and rain along with cheap - kroger keyboards drenched in suburban lost hope is apparently, East Lansing's mysterious "The Imaginary Cassette Company." Nearly impossible to gleam ANY info on this "set" other than it MIGHT be pre Astrobrite Scott Cortez / which is weird cause I went to high school ELHS during this time with Scott and knew nada of these deviant activities. He was friends with my sister, and all he mentioned during the 88 era, complete from a tench coat during summer outfit, is boring AF British jams and referred to me as a "hardcore monkey." Whatever. Even weirder when I see UK Gretchen Guttersnipe in a homemade loveliescrushing shirt LAST YEAR and it turns out SC is seen as some kind of shoe-gaze originator. Weird all around. So, if it is "Scottie" behind this label, homie was on some wild local underground NON shoe gaze ish that is destroying my now "adult" cabbage. Here we have a band from SF(?) The Lowly Cows with a long one sider "Cow Scratch Free Bird" that goes from Door-ish moody wave moves to not - together eeer "underground" rock that is homemade and full of inept magic. Like the other ICC tape, each song seems to be 7 minutes plus, and shit, all the better for it. They have a SF address as of 1988 but the only digital info is a stark January gig with Fugazi at the end of January '88. I asked SF Rusty / Rubber O about the Lowly Cows and he remembers "the Sacred Cows" but even though they lived two blocks from him, "probably weren't on any kool gigs." Lots of basement goofery and backwards stoned 4 track nonsense that there cannot be enough of in this earthly plane. Full of SK - 1 explorations in fine 80's style but the goth shadow is light on this gem, thankfully, but be warned its there on further label tapes. I can't help to think that the almighty homemade menace of Skidd Freeman is somewhere in the shadows of this label. Easy to get through, lots of homespun local magician moves, gets really out there with ending  "20th Century Monk"  = add some foreign accent spice and it could be an non- educated Scorched Earth Policy rehearsal tape. "Cow Scratch" is a solid signpost to the MSU weirdo underworld cauldron in a seemingly dead period. Wonder if Just Say No wanted to fight them?. Stay tuned for further delves into The Imaginary Cassette Company treasure chest.