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Rich and Johnny's Inzane Michigan

MICHIGAN RECORD A DAY :The Moon Shines - "Drums On The Moon b/w The Astronauts Three" Universal Sound 7"

Feb 19, 2020

  Utterly unknown till the Padraigh / NTS wild cat pointed this under-bridge-lurking monster out to the world via twitter, like an hour ago. Raga done under the most diseased Michigan moon imaginable. Via the Universal ne/  Sound label. No date but smart money and the "America's Singing Tribute To The Astronauts" tag could place this at the eve of the 50's. Might as well been pressed on pre - construction NIGHTMARE 75th South gray dirty winter soaked freeway gravel under the skeletal mitts of a lonely winter creature hiding starving in the corners of Alma. Where fidelity goes to die an unceremonious cold death. WTF is this beast? Makes  "Dawn of the Devi" era SCG sound like Justin Bieber trying out audio plug ins in line at a Jack In the Box. Uncomprehendingly Michigan Magic *or U.M.M for the emoji set. Peep The Fyrebirds "I'm So Lonely" for label mate'd continued dollar store grey joy, or if you are one of the truly TWIZTED, drop the Thompson Middle School 8th Grade Chorus boi on a particularly lonely stoned winter knight.