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Rich and Johnny's Inzane Michigan


Mar 11, 2020

Phenomenal book hxc from Sara Gwendolen Frostic, Benzonia Michigan's belated genius of the gentle fragile nature page - turner. "A Walk With Me" is her second book from waaay back in 1958 after her debut "My Michigan." Her entire life writes itself into a world of Michigan beauty direct from the OG Heidelberg press prints to her sometimes stinging quotes, Gwen left a heavyweight legacy to dive into. This featured book is beyond stunning and a marvel to behold. The spacious nature imagery matched with the poetry and frayed pages, it is a homemade artifact of mammoth magical proportions. Have a kid? Enroll them in Gwen Frostic School of Art at WMU. Need a walk? Stroll with your small-ish squad through The Gwen Frostic Woodland Shade Garden at the Meijer Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids. Need a day to celebrate? How about May 23 aka Gwen Day as declared in 1978. Women's Hall of Fame'er in 1986, it's all right there. Need some wildness in your wilderness? Try her book "Chaotic Harmony" from 1989. Hard to find a place to stop but I would by all means hunt down all these book- gems as they are utterly moving on numerous levels. Incredible visionary. Gwen passed in 2001 but her site is full of joy: