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Rich and Johnny's Inzane Michigan

MICHIGAN RECORD A DAY : Boom & The Legion Of Doom "Skate Thrash Grind" Depression Records 1987

Feb 17, 2020

Wild out-of-the control Detroit Skate chaos crew damage with a pre "Detroit" lp single on the almighty and god-like visionary audio/visual destructions from the sewers of Battle Creek, Depression Records. Seemly seen by every early elder punk and matched with a classic punk story to match, these recordings and esp this barely- contained splattered mess of a single has aged phenom, esp the perfectly titled A side, running a full one minute and twenty seconds of prime rabid insanity. The band's run of two singles and a lone LP are shredded offerings from streets of hell itself and are well worth destroying your speakers with over thirty years later. Read the mind-wrecking story from Boom's website recalling a Slaughter House / Blight / Disinfect slammer at the Farm in Williamston next time you are in need of a wicked dose of lokill inspiration. After that peep the wild Toxic Attitude, Slaughter House, Pecker Tracks, and Broken Trust singles for more homemade supreme damage. Depressed and amazing.