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Rich and Johnny's Inzane Michigan

MICHIGAN RECORD A DAY : Jacob's Kelly s/t Broken Records LP 1980

Feb 20, 2020

Weird semi trad AOR Flint style thing here on their lone long player with some def puzzler moments inside. Oddly well known for its "Funk- key" single appearances on "Black Exhaust" and huh Qbico (?) comps, but never mentioned in the home state amongst the private/ lokill lurkers, even after 17 years of Flushing styled destruction. A solid homespun affair, of the almost Tempest / Texas Rose / Monster Records label- styled "big dreams  - no budget" life choices but with a cold Northern edge. How on gods green earth does a fully privately funded hard rocking blue collar unit have a road crew aka "The Hardheads" is mystery indeed, and matched with a creepy end song about being strapped at a party, see "Party", makes this black and silver crude boi have a definite street edge. Even darker NOW when there is like 6 total active police officers for the entire Genesee County. The OG single version of "Confusion" is super gruff, three years earlier and primitive, along with both versions of "Same" singles - this Jacob crew could lay down some wicked sophisticated punishment in short format. Wild Northern distortion indeed. All around solid, even at a time when tuff rockers could wear skinny ties. Broken Records label, broken amps from Miller Lite spills und chills. Used to skate Flint on Sundays for years, there was no one around and our local connect was a strange shredder dude that collected vintage G.I. Joe's. Ran the Crim once, good time too. And finally, was recently kicked out the White Horse cause my crew of Foster Care Allison and Lila were being "too loud for the recently unemployed" at 3pm  = and that's WITH being fam with the forever local Gonzales squad. It's alright, the pizza there was "meh" anyway. Wonder if Joel Rash booked em? Steady Mid Michigan culture here.