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Rich and Johnny's Inzane Michigan

MICHIGAN RECORD A DAY : The Imaginary Cassette Company Series #2 / Club Of Rome "The Mourning Party"11i

Mar 25, 2020

More Imaginary Cassette Company basement damage that makes my cabbage boil with all sorts of local pride. A gaggle of goofy "Clubs Of Rome" out there but trust me, drop your euro vampire costumes in the Granger dumpster outside cause here is the trophy, natch. Mark Fedewa appears to be the captain here in prime 88-89 EL basement scene styles but the grainy gate fold snap has three members, maybe Jeffrey Deason was one of the troops? Nada info to be found from the shadowy corners of the ICC camp, most you can hope for is a heated down memory lane post on FB to get some kinda handle on the wicked ingredients hidden magnetically inside. Standard 8min + "nowhere" free form cryptic lurch as put down in prime  congruent c90 styles from the label. There are some spooky urban moves here and there but nothing really adds up and the stoned basement smog apexes in the lonely rainy Tuesday night harmonica gracing side two. The vocal echo warble and delayed cardboard drums on "Leave Only Footprints" makes me wanna jump out a one story suburb hut and run a mile backwards, twice at 2am. Club of Rome even has a downer / loner folk element that utterly covers everything you could ever want from a whacked- out local tape from the 80s. It's all there. Did you work with them at El Az in 1987? Were C.O.R too weird to do blow with the kitchen staff at Bilbos?  The whole audio experience is akin to a LSD soaked 4 track weekend experiment in all it's mid Michigan dreary winter black and white glory. Swear to Cthulhu if you were seeing double with Kroger Kevin from King Corba 40z -ers paid for with returnables from Saturday's MSU game, I'd tell you this was an unreleased WEEDS Xpressway tape from... eer.. 1988. Can't ingest this "stuff" enough, makes the Screaming Mee Mees sound like a pre  - UFO mania Blink 182 gig at a crowed Utah brewery. Bottom level living-in-a-closet genius of the highest non - order. I hope whoever made this righteous racket is a teacher at Okemos High School RN. Will brag about this tape and this f'in label till you get damn well get sick of it, even the Lime Giants 96i one. Lots of fantasies in Olzone nugget, one of them is a split bill via Kalamazoo in an empty basement with Club of Rome sharing a banger gig with homemade gods Strange Fruit Abiku. Simply put, they are FROM HERE and OUT THERE. Phew.